Prototyping a custom optic: possibilities & pricing

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Custom optics

Optics prototyping has several benefits (as discussed in our earlier article). These benefits include detecting errors and design flaws early on, getting buy-in from stakeholders and providing physical products for testing and optimization.

Prototyping is your best bet when you are in need of a custom optic. With a physical prototype you can thoroughly test and optimize a novel product design before moving on to series production. Utilizing prototypes will help reduce risk and thus lower costs.

Benefits of optics prototyping

Challenges with optical prototyping include long lead-times which slow down the entire process. And of course; scalability. Is your chosen prototyping process able to also manufacture small to medium-sized batches? If not, this might delay the transition from prototyping to series production. Indeed, optics prototyping does provide some challenges. But getting the perfect custom optic to market without prototyping is near impossible. Due to the nature of prototyping you might need a couple of iterations in order to fine tune the optic to exactly match the required specs. Optics prototyping can seem like a hassle, as it can slow down the process of launching your product. What if there was an optics prototyping service which is both cheaper and faster than conventional methods?

We have the perfect solution for you..

Addoptics’s unique technology

We provide a manufacturing service for prototyping and batch production of custom optics and lenses. We can provide you with a physical prototype of your optics design within 6 days, no matter how complex it’s geometry.

With our unique technology you are able to have your custom optics manufactured within a matter of days for a fraction of what it would cost when done by a conventional manufacturing method.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits we offer that our clients love.

Full design freedom

Instead of having to design with constraints in mind we challenge you to think out of the box. Our technology enables full design freedom. So you can truly make the best optic design, without being restricted by machine limitations. Complex shapes? No problem. Freeform surfaces? Sure!

Cost effective custom optics within days

With our unique manufacturing technology we are able to provide cost-effective prototypes and final products within only a matter of days. This enables you to benefit from a reduced time to market so you can leave your competitors far behind. Affordable optical prototypes change the way custom optics are being brought to market. By utilizing the advantages of rapid prototyping you can decrease time to market, while also improving the final product. Designing, testing and optimizing custom optics has never been easier (or more cost-effective).

With our unique technology you can even prototype various optics that all differ slightly from one another. This enables you to have a couple of different custom optics, then testing them and fine tuning the best design.

Curious about optics prototyping with our unique technology? Check our datasheet for our most up-to-date capabilities and material properties.

Incredibly short lead times

Perhaps you are still used to the conventional way of optics prototyping and manufacturing. Conventional methods might take up to a couple of weeks to provide the first optical prototype. Luckily, with Addoptics you do not have to wait so long. Short lead times are one of the biggest benefits we offer our clients. If you are struggling to meet deadlines and are having a hard time to reduce time to market, we have just what you need. We provide working optics in a matter of days. This enables you to outpace the competition, meet your deadlines and launch products faster than before.

Custom optics manufacturing

You might be tempted to go for the easy route; modifying stock optics in order to create a custom optic. However, your unique project requires a unique solution, so why go back to using customized stock optics when you can have truly unique optics within a matter of days? We are here to help you make a smooth transition to the new method of optics manufacturing.

Benefits of our prototyping and manufacturing technology for optics

Our technology offers various benefits that will help you with optics prototyping and series production.

  • Save time and money
  • Experience full design freedom
  • Utilize an iterative product development process
  • Make last minute changes
  • Minimized investment in tooling
  • Reduce risk
  • Shipment of product in days, instead of weeks

Looking for custom optic(s)?

Are you in need of custom optics? Drop us a line to discuss your project. We’d love to hear from you!

Check our datasheet for our most up-to-date capabilities and material properties.