Manufacturing custom optics for a particular project can be a hassle. Part production can be costly and high upfront investments might be required. Custom optics production with conventional manufacturing methods also takes a lot of time. Even modifying stock optics is a slow, time-consuming process.

Fortunately, there is an optics manufacturing process that does enable cost-effective and rapid manufacturing of customized optics. Our unique smart manufacturing process can be utilized for rapid prototyping of optics, as well as small series production.

We combine an additive manufacturing process with vacuum casting, which enables us to prototype with the speed of 3D printing, while achieving high accuracy, precision and surface roughness. This makes our technology extremely suitable for optics prototyping and small series production. The optics we manufacture are all made from common optical polymers.

Check our datasheet for our most up-to-date capabilities and material properties.

Low volume custom optics needed?

It might be the case that you just need a couple of custom optics for a particular client or project. Our technology is also suited for low volume manufacturing. Low-volume manufacturing helps you to create functional prototypes that match the final product, it will enable you to create high quality customized products.

We use a digital process, this negates any upfront investments or high tooling costs. Best of all, this process allows for last-minute changes in design or specs, without resulting in delays. Our technology is perfect for last-minute projects or low volume manufacturing requirements.

Switching from stock optics to custom optics

Perhaps you have worked with modified stock optics to cater to your client’s requests. Why should you work with a suboptimal solution when you can offer cost-effective optics in a timely fashion?

You can benefit from all advantages that customized optics have to offer. With our technology you can create customized optics and benefit from full design freedom, no upfront investments, no minimum order quantity and lead times of only a couple of days.

Sure, switching to a new manufacturing method might take some time adjusting, luckily we are here to help!

Lead times of custom optics

One of the main advantages we offer to our clients are short lead times. We encounter many clients who are struggling to meet deadlines and need to beat their competitors to the market. We can help out in these cases. Our unique manufacturing method might be the fastest manufacturing method for customized optics available (place your order and see for yourself).

Whereas conventional manufacturing methods for custom optics require weeks, we can offer functional optics in a matter of days. You can imagine the benefits this gives you. You can outpace your competitors, meet deadlines more easily and increase order fulfillment, resulting in increased cash flow.

Prototyping with custom optics

Our technology enables you to start with optics prototyping. You may be wondering what would be the benefits of switching to such a process?

An advantage of using prototypes is the interaction and functionality a physical optic provides to persuade stakeholders. It also makes communication, and thus buy-in, a lot easier. It will also help you to detect design flaws in an early stage, saving valuable time and money.

Working in an iterative design process becomes possible with our unique manufacturing method. However, utilizing an iterative way of working is not required. Feel free to order prototypes or final products in small series, whichever suits your project.

To sum up, these are some of the benefits we can provide:

  • Full design freedom
  • Enabling optics prototyping
  • Tangible design and product testing
  • Enabling low volume manufacturing and short production runs
  • No upfront investments
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Cost-effective optics manufacturing
  • Industry standard polymer material
  • Scalable process, move from prototypes to final products with the same material and same manufacturing method
  • Short lead times (days instead of weeks)

If you want to learn more about our unique manufacturing method for customized optics, feel free to reach out to us, check out our material sheet, or request a sample.