The pressure to bring new products to market faster has fueled the development of rapid prototyping techniques. In this way cost-effective prototypes can be produced in the early stages of development, where it is still inexpensive to make adjustments. You no longer need to spend weeks on drawings, only to find out your design would not work as a physical product. With rapid prototyping you can design, iterate and optimize in a short amount of time. Without wasting money and valuable time.

Advantages of rapid prototyping include:

  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing lead times
  • Reducing costly errors
  • Iterative design process
  • Faster time to market

But is rapid prototyping of industrial optics a viable option?

Commercial and industrial optics

In short: yes.

At Addoptics we have developed a method of manufacturing which enables you to create functional, optical prototypes for your project. Once you are satisfied with the final prototype and any necessary adjustments have been made, we can even scale-up to series production. All this is done with the same manufacturing technique, which guarantees that the end product will be exactly like the prototype.

We provide commercial and industrial optics. All created optics support efficient optical performance, high heat durability, lighter lenses and optimal Lambertian reflection. At Addoptics we can produce optics for many markets, ranging from automotive optics to lighting.

Check our Addoptics datasheet for our most up-to-date capabilities and material properties.

Optics design

With computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) the manufacturing industry is on its path to a digital process. Optics manufacturing has also transitioned to the digital field. Computer aided design significantly reduces lead times and makes optimizing lens designs less of a hassle.

We are flexible towards any last minute changes, so you can benefit greatly from the advantages that rapid prototyping offers. This enables you to thoroughly test and optimize your initial optical prototypes.

Optics prototyping

Addoptics is here for all your optics prototyping needs. We excel in delivering your optics within the shortest possible timeframe. We have a short cycle time from CAD file to physical prototypes that you can test for their optical performance.

This will give you a competitive advantage and important feedback for product optimization. Also, there is no need to switch to another technology for mass production. As our technology is also suited for series production.

Rapid prototyping of industrial optics: step by step

If you want to get started with rapid prototyping of industrial optics we start with a CAD file. You can deliver your file to us in order to get a quote. At the same time we perform a feasibility check. If we detect any features we cannot make we will let you know. Please note that we offer extreme design freedom, making freeform optics a viable option.

Once the CAD file is checked, quoted and approved we get started with the first optical prototypes. It is possible to deliver various CAD files, where each optic is slightly different. This makes it very easy to test different optical designs, without high costs. You will receive your optical prototypes within a couple of days (instead of weeks!).

After some initial testing and making required adjustments in the CAD file on your end we can produce the second batch of prototypes. This cycle can continue for as long as needed, until you have your perfect end product.

Once you are satisfied with the physical prototype we can scale up to series production. This makes for a seamless transition from rapid prototyping to manufacturing. There is no need to switch to another technology.

Beyond prototyping: series production

We offer a production line which is able to efficiently produce up to hundreds of optics per batch. Our series production is cost effective and fast. Due to our innovative technology our batch production takes just a couple of days.

Get started with rapid prototyping of industrial optics

Addoptics specializes in:

  • Optics prototyping
  • Manufacturing complex lens designs (e.g. freeform optics)
  • Short lead-times
  • Series production

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