Our unique process of optics manufacturing

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Optics manufacturing & prototyping

You can utilize our fast and flexible service for one-off prototyping and series production. Best of all, our unique optics manufacturing process is extremely fast and cost-effective. Our patented process does not require any high upfront investments which makes it perfect for optics prototyping and optics manufacturing.

We can produce custom optics in the shortest timeframe possible. Fast, but never rushed. Our average lead time is 10 working days. Within as little as 10 working days you can have your custom optics, which are not modified stock optics but truly unique, custom-made optics. You can imagine this is quite the advantage in order to beat your competition to the market.

Advantages of our optics manufacturing technology

Below is a summary of the benefits of our optics manufacturing method. Our technology combines the best of vacuum casting and 3D printing, this gives you a tremendous speed advantage and helps to keep costs low.

  1. Saves time
  2. Saves money
  3. Lowers risk
  4. Last minute changes are possible
  5. Full design freedom
  6. Cost-effective testing of optical prototypes
  7. Iterative product development process
  8. Minimized investment in tooling
  9. Shipment in days, instead of weeks

Check our datasheet for our most up-to-date capabilities and material properties.

Full design freedom

You can use our manufacturing process for rapid prototyping of optics while at the same time removing restrictions that conventional manufacturing methods might pose. With our technology you are able to enjoy full design freedom. We can create complex and intricate optics for a fraction of the price of conventional methods. Feel free to incorporate complex shapes and surfaces that would have been difficult (and thus expensive) to manufacture with conventional optics manufacturing methods.

If required each optic within the prototyping batch can be unique. Each batch can differ slightly. This gives an enormous optics prototyping benefit as you can easily tests various different designs to find the best match for your product. Experience full design freedom and new possibilities for custom optics.

Reduce costs

Despite the unique possibility to utilize full design freedom we are able to offer custom optics for an affordable price. Even the most complex shapes and surfaces can be created for competitive prices.

The tooling costs are reduced to a minimum, so product development can benefit from reduced costs when various optical prototypes are created. Because you are able to cost-effectively create various optical prototypes you are able to reduce risks. There is no need to push forward into series production before you have created the right product design. We are fast and cost-effective, so there is plenty of time for testing and optimization… while still beating your competition to the market.

Reduce lead times

Decrease the time between your initial optics design and prototype testing, all the way to your product launch, with our optics manufacturing method for custom optics.

Being able to rely on a proven optics manufacturing process to produce, test and iterate your optics makes it easier to market your products in a timely manner. At the same time reducing time to market increases your profitability and helps you get ahead of competitors.

Benefits of shorter lead times include:

  • Get ahead of your competitors
  • Meet deadlines more easily
  • Increase order fulfillment and thus increase cash flow
  • Avoid stock-outs and lost customers

Once again, we do not modify stock optics. That is one of the conventional ways to decrease the time to market. But it is a suboptimal approach, as you are not able to create the perfect design because you are working with a stock optic. With our technology you can create something new. Innovation has never been easier, faster and more cost-effective. Receive your custom polymer optics within 10 working days.

Full design freedom & iterative product development process

With our unique optics manufacturing method you can easily adjust and modify your initial prototype designs after optical testing. Simply send over your latest digital design and we will do the rest.

This enables you to get a cost-effective proof of concept before moving on to mass manufacturing or series production. By utilizing optical prototypes your optics designer can identify design flaws or usability problems early on and make adjustments where needed. If you are using this iterative process you will be able to mitigate the risk of problems during manufacturing.

Last but not least, we are open to any last minute changes in design. We make sure you get a product you are happy with.

Durable, industry-standard material

Our optics are high precision, quality optics made from optical polymers. To learn more about the material properties please check out our datasheet.

From prototype to optics manufacturing

From your first prototypes to series production, we can help you all the way. Our technology is used for manufacturing prototypes as well as for manufacturing end-products. This approach helps to reduce risk as there will be no manufacturability issues later on.


Are you in a rush to finish a project?
Do you want to get ahead of your competitors?
Are you looking for ways to minimize costs while speeding up the production process?

We offer the most flexible optics manufacturing service for prototyping and series production. Enabling you to create truly unique, custom optics with industry-grade material within a matter of days. Experience full design freedom, decreased time to market and lower costs.

Discover the benefits of Addoptics for yourself. Have your optics shipped to you within days, instead of waiting weeks. Feel free to request an optics sample or check out our datasheet for our up-to-date capabilities and material properties.