How Addoptics helps you with optics prototyping

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Optics manufacturing & prototyping

Why should you consider optics prototyping? Some advantages of optics prototyping are:

  • Provides functionality and interaction with the physical optic.
  • Makes communication (for buy-in) with stakeholders easier.
  • Helps you to detect errors early on and save time and money in the long run.

Optics prototyping challenges

Optics prototyping is also not without risks or costs and there are some challenges with optics prototyping as well. Long lead-times can hamper your progress. Due to an iterative approach you might need a couple of prototype optics before you find the perfect fit. And lastly there is the scalability issue… Is your chosen manufacturing process able to create a prototype and manufacture small to medium-sized batches?

The CNC machining process is not scalable, as each part will need to be post-processed to obtain optical quality. While diamond turning achieves good optical quality, the process has significant lead-times and a high item price. Lastly, injection molding for optics prototyping requires high tooling costs and long lead times to make the tooling.

Affordable prototypes within days

As you can imagine, optics prototyping can be a challenge. You want to have your optical components fast and for a cost-effective price. With our unique service you are able to do so, and you can have your optics prototypes within days. Once your prototypes are approved you can use the same production process for small to medium-sized batch production. Optical prototyping has never been faster or more accessible.

Affordable optics prototyping changes the way optics are designed and brought to market. With our unique manufacturing technology you are able to capitalize on the benefits of rapid prototyping. You can benefit from a significantly reduced time to market, leaving your competitors far behind. Making use of our service you will soon discover that design changes can be made fast and cost-effectively. There is no minimum order quantity. Each optic you order can be slightly or completely different. This makes prototyping less of a costly hassle. Designing and testing various optics for your unique project has never been easier.

Your unique project requires a unique solution, so why go back to using customized stock optics when you can have better optics delivered to you in a shorter amount of time?

Benefits of optics prototyping

Optics prototyping yields various benefits, like reducing time to market, utilizing an iterative approach and testing your physical product before it is being produced on large scale. Collapsing product lifecycles require rapid prototyping in order to decrease the necessary time to market. The faster you prototype, the faster your product can get to market.

Benefits of Addoptics prototyping service

With our manufacturing service you are able to order the amount of polymer optics you need. There is no minimum order quantity, no investment and no tooling or inventory required. You can have your custom optics shipped to you within a matter of days.

We offer Smart manufacturing of Optics, as a Service. Benefits of our service include:

  • Cost-effective testing of optical designs
  • Stay ahead of the competition with rapid prototyping
  • Full design freedom
  • Iterative process
  • Delivery time of days instead of weeks

Cost-effective testing of optical designs

Most optical projects require significant budgets and high upfront investments for tooling. It is also possible for the design team to run into machine limitations that restrict possibilities. With our unique optics manufacturing service you are able to work on a more iterative approach. It is affordable to order various different optics, so you can identify the optic that is most suited for your needs. You can make slight changes based on your optical design and have all of them prototyped to find the perfect fit.

Reduce time to market and stay ahead of competitors

With this iterative design approach you are able to optimize your solution. Simply have multiple optical prototypes manufactured and tested. Once you find the right optic for your project you can move on to batch production, which we are also able to offer as a service. Where customization of stock optics might take up a couple of weeks, we can have your optics shipped to you within days.

Shorter lead times will result in a shorter time to market, leading to an advantage over your competitors in an industry where speed is everything.

Check out our datasheet for up-to-date specs and technical data on our polymer optics, including refractive index and total transmission value.

Full design freedom

With our unique manufacturing service we are able to manufacture almost all optical designs. If you want to know if we can manufacture your part, simply sent us your CAD file (.STEP or .STL). We will perform a feasibility analysis and provide you with a competitive quote as well as estimated lead-time.

From initial prototypes to medium-sized batch production

Addoptics goes beyond prototyping: The material we use (polyurethane) can be used for optics prototyping, but is also suited for end-user applications. With our manufacturing method you can be sure your optical prototypes and your final products will be the same. It is a significant benefit that you do not have to switch to another process once prototyping and testing is completed. You will get the exact optic that you want.

High upfront investments and tooling costs can hold you back from testing new, innovative designs. However, with our unique approach there are no tooling costs or upfront investments required. You can either create one unique optic or thousands. There is no MOQ.

Start prototyping

Ready to send in your optics design and start prototyping with us? We’d love to hear from you! Simply reach out to us for a quote.