Addoptics secures investment from UNIIQ to develop customer-specific lenses for optical systems

Rotterdam, 18 september,
High-tech startup Addoptics has developed an innovative method that reduces the lead time for small-series production of customer-specific lenses from six weeks to six days. This includes the manufacture of lenses for smartphones and lighting, and the time reduction is in part achieved by using 3D printing techniques. To further develop and validate the technology with pilot customers, Addoptics is to receive a €300,000 injection from early-stage investment fund UNIIQ. The investment was announced by Rotterdam Deputy Mayor Barbara Kathmann (Economy, Districts and Local Communities) during the Rotterdam Capital Days event.

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RCD Announcement

F.l.t.r.: Thijs van den Munckhof (UNIIQ), Lucas Klamer (Addoptics), Deputy Mayor Barbara Kathmann (Economy, Districts and Local Communities), Joris Biskop (Addoptics), Liduina Hammer (UNIIQ)

Photography : Angie Moonen Peralta © Daniel Verkijk