Scale prototyping and production of affordable, industrial-quality custom optics


Start to finish within 6 days

The patented Addoptics manufacturing method leverages the speed of 3D printing, producing a mold for a custom optical design within hours after ordering, often ready to be cast the same-day. All this without compromising on quality or charging expedition fees.

We offer a short lead time of 6 days for up to 5 lenses per design. We can deliver larger quantities of up to 50 lenses within 15 days. Want even more? Get in touch with us.


Industrial quality

Even Though we don’t compromise on quality and do use molds during our production process, we can offer very competitive prices. Our unique technology can produce very intricate optical designs with ease, so no cost-saving compromises are needed.

The reusable molds allow for a significant reduction of the unit price at “volume.” and once it wears, we replace it without any additional costs to you.


Competitive pricing

Our optics are cristal, can withstand heat, UV exposure, and won’t yellow or scratch easily. Our patented process gives you a lens of real end-product quality.

Verified quality, every optic gets its own measurement report validation the shape according to the specifications.

Shipped within 6 days

Optional features


  Save time during assembly

Include mechanical components directly into the optical body. Varying from alignment features, spacers, or mounting holes. 


Refract? Reflect!

Sometime reflectors are the superior solution. We can manufacture reflectors with a high specular reflection rate.



Add the special touch

Our optics allow for easy coating of a wide range of coatings enhancing it’s function. Such as AR coatings, and anti-scratch

Get started with Addoptics

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